WONGA is a British payday company that was built back in 2007 with a completely new modern way for providing loans via internet. After its establishment in UK, 4 years later WONGA appeared in South Africa and Canada. We believe soon, the company will also arrive in the States. Basically, WONGA is characterized with tis short payment time – 15 minutes – 1% charge fee per day and 5.50 GBP transfer few, as well as options like credit check.

Wonga UK payday loans CRITERIA

In order to be eligible to get credit loan by WONGA, you need to be over 18 years old and with a valid British credit account, as well as debit card, but with no special requirement as to your credit history. Mainly, the London-based company can offer various loan amounts – from 1 to 400 GBP – with an average period for return 1 month. Unlike other national and worldwide lenders, WONGA is typical for its extremely easy application procedure. Plus – the company has become super popular with its nifty little sliders that help you make up your mind as to the amount of money you should get. Usually, it takes 15 minutes to be approved and to receive your money. There are no weekends or holiday days-off or special fees for the company. You are welcome to apply for a loan 24/7. Sometimes, you might be asked to send your bank statement via an e-mail (if you have a really bad credit history).

Here is one simple example that will let you understand the charge fee. Let us imagine you need 100 GBP for a loan. If you decide to return them in a week, then you will have 7 days with 1 GBP for the first day, 1.10 GBP for the next day and etc. Eventually, the total amount for return for you will be 112.78 GBP for the whole period.

Payday Loans Near Me

Due to this clearly established and easy to be understood payday loan conditions, as well as for its unique formula for an alternative loan, WONGA has been considered as one of the best internet loan provider in UK. Moreover, the company even lets you have a top-up loan, which is the popular loan that can be with an extended period of time for return. The extended time should not exceed 3 months, though.

You can apply for a loan at WONGA via e-mail or a phone call 24/7.

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