Established and officially operated in Yorkshire, UK, WageDayAdvance is highly appreciated company for online payday loans. What this company is extremely famous for is the lack of any credit check for the approval when you are run out of money and need to get some cash. Another characteristic thing about WageDayAdvance is that it mainly provides mini loans. They usually range from 80 to 400 GBP and even if you are  a new customer, you will receive them for the typical period of 40 days till the payday. Here is what you need to know if you want to get a loan by WageDayAdvance…

First of all, you must be over 18 years old and with a valid UK bank account. Also, have a debit card where the money transfer can be done. Employment, though, is another criterion for getting a loan by WageDayAdvance and note: your monthly salary should be at least 750 GBP. At the expense of this condition, you don’t have to show or provide your credit history. This means you are welcome as a new customer at WageDayAdvanceeven if you have bad credit history.


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Make a registration on the page and then apply with a 5-minute to be filled form. The questions here are standard and regular. The approval is basically instant. It takes about 60 minutes for the company to transfer your money to your debit card account. Attention: WageDayAdvance has no day-off and you can apply for loans 24/7.

The fee is about 30 GBP for one month period of time till the payday and for the amount of 100 GBP. If you want to receive your money right away without waiting for an hour, you will be charged with 15 GBP more. Other additional charges aren’t established at WageDayAdvance payment system.

If you have any questions regarding WageDayAdvance and its loan system, you are free to use the customer support services during regular working hours and at working days via phone call or by sending an e-mail. If translation is difficult for you, there is a translating tool integrated in the website – very helpful for people who have difficulties with English.


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