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Quick loans are the so popular little loans you take for a short period of time and that are easy to be applied for via internet. Plus – you can easily receive them in a manner of up to several hours. These loans are made for all those situations when a bill needs to be paid, but we have no cash to do so. Situations like these, by all means, can be resolved with a quick loan. A quick loan works for all emergency financial cases.

What is the quick loan amount I can apply for?

Traditionally, you can apply for a quick loan with an amount between 50 and 1000 GBP. However, there are also exceptional lenders that are willing to lend you 3500 GBP. As to the duration, you should repay a loan within a period between 7 days and 1 year. There are exceptions when a loan can be borrowed within 2 years.

How does (company name) assist me in getting a quick loan?

My Payday Loan broker provides a loan matching service for those of you who need short-term loan 24/7. As a responsible and caring company we connect with various lenders (more than 20 up to now). To get the appropriate loan especially for your situation you need to at first fill in our online application form and then we will find the right loan, respectively a lender for you. The information you provide help us match you with the right lender.  When we send the information to the specific lender an approval will be needed. If you get such, you will receive your money in your bank account within the same day of your application in our platform.

Why using (Company name) services instead of going directly to the lender?

(Company name) provides matching services by connecting with various lenders from the market in order to find the most appropriate one for each individual customer. When you use the services of a lender you apply directly on its platform, which means that it isn’t 100% certain you are making the right selection with this lender. In other words, you can spend some time in applying at a certain lender’s platform and end up losing it in case of a refusal. Refusal is when you aren’t approved for a loan due to some issues during the credit check. So in this case you will have to find one more lender and apply one more time… But didn’t we say that short-term loans are for emergency financial situation? Instead of experiencing this stress in a rush, better use the services My Payday Loan broker offers. Here, on our landing page, you can meet more details of the check we mentioned above.

How soon will you get the quick loan?

To apply for our services you will have to spend less than 10 minutes on our page. When you do so, you will be almost immediately matched with any of the lenders we work with. When this happens, apply on the lender’s page. Some lenders might need you to send them documents like bank statement, employment contract copy or a payslip. Traditionally, a loan is got within the same day. Find out more about the quick loan application process here.

What is required from me for a quick loan application?

There are several criteria you need to meet and prove so when applying for a quick loan. Here there are:

  1. Age over 18 years old
  2. Mobile phone – available
  3. Availability of an active bank account with a debit card
  4. Employment contract – available
  5. British citizenship – available


Quick  and easy  online  payday loans UK today

I need a quick payday loan?

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