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Peachy Loans is a very popular, customer-friendly and welcoming payday loan provider that was built in UK. The company appeared on the financial stage in Great Britain back in 2011. It is operated in London by the financial leader Cash on Go Ltd. New customers are welcome here and they can receive from Peachy Loans up to 500 GBP for 5 months as a period to return the money. Now, let’s speak more about Peachy Loans criteria and way of work.

As you have already found out, the maximum amount of money you can borrow from Cash on Go via their Peachy Loans company is 500 GBP. The criteria are simple and traditional: 18-years old citizen, who is employed in UK with a minimum monthly salary 600 GBP, a valid phone number on British territory and with any credit history. Bad history is welcome, but you will be checked, no doubt.

If you use the Peachy Loans mobile app you can apply for the same day. Usually it takes less than an hour to receive the money. All you need is to sign in the website, send a message with your amount for a loan and then provide your credit or debit card information to acquire the money.

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Please, note that Peachy Loans offer you the option to repay your loan up to 5 times. But you need to sign up a form for this service, as well. Approval comes almost immediately for all options the website offers. Peachy Loans are popular for one of the lowest APRs in Great Britain and for their awesome customer support services available via e-mail or telephone every day, but with different working time for weekends.


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