Payday Loans Questions


Hi  there
im at my wits end  sitting for hours  going around in circles , getting no where on the  amount of forms  making sure all infomation , correct  just to be told you been declined .. most want a guarantours  as to what i dont have  , both my dear parents are no longer with me  , so i cant rely on them for being my help .
L.  Sturley


Hello,  my name is James Green and im looking for a £100 loan.The purpose is because I need food and to pay a bill , I am 18 years old and on benifits currently getting £250 a month which just isn’t enough this month , can you help?  Thank you.

M. Green

I have been refused everywhere due to bad credit history where I have missed payments and I have 2 ccjs and I am on benefits. I am trying to get these funds so I can pay some of my debts off and make my monthly repayments to one person only.

R. Ridgeway


Will I get approved, ergent it’s. My business partners card I using me so I can,use

J. Shelley

I am looking for a loan but have bad credit I was wondering if u could help pls.

S. Kirkby


I am wanting to apply for a loan of £300


Just received news off me been pregnant and I would like the money to buy the cot for the baby if possible

C. Butler

I wound like to take out a payday loan of £100 pay back Friday 3rd Nov 17 my boil has broke down


I need a loan of £200, I have poor credit and will use this to pay off another debt.

I am wanting to apply for a loan of £300

I need small cash injection, in order to keep my current situation on track. Next mount my trial period at work will expire so i am going to geth both promotion and permanent contract, then i have intention to apply for a larger amounth with small months payment from a bank. But if i am not able to pay my bills on time, my name will get in to register of unreliable payers and my plan will fall a part.
Please please help me get on track.

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