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Are you one of those people, who are concerned about their credit histories? If yes, then, you need to meet the lenders that aren’t going to be interested in your credit history at all.

It is always great to have a short-term loan under consideration – especially when there is more time till the next monthly salary or when you have run out your money and bills are waiting to be paid. This loan type we are talking about is not just fast to be acquired, but also possible to be provided even if you have bad credit history. Of course, you will not get any approval for a loan you have no chance to repay later till your credit history isn’t checked. But let’s talk about your loan opportunities in details now…

What is the reason for some lenders not to check your credit history like most will do?

What these lenders are more interested about (than putting an accent on your negative financial past) is whether right now you are 100% capable to pay your loan and what loan amount you can actually cover. Instead of checking your credit history, they will do something else, though – to assure if you are employed and what is your regular income, as well as your current financial standard, including the regular amount of expenses you have.

In all cases a payday loan with no credit check is a kind of a risk to any lender, no doubt. This is why such a loan will come with higher interest rate and probably, a bit later than a traditional one that requires a credit history check.

The real essence behind the no credit check loan

What will be checked in this case are your bank statements. To be more specific the lender will review the statements from the last quarter of the year. This check will be enough for the lender to figure it out if you are able to repay a certain amount of loan. The check includes your expenses, your regular income and some additional (including temporary and occasional) bonuses in your budget, as well as your financial stress if available. In short, what you have to do is to prove two things: your employment and your possibility to cover the loan amount you need within a certain period of time.

In addition to these, the lender that offers no credit check short term loans, might have some other requirements. It is possible for you to get a refusal for the no credit check loan in case you are still repaying another loan.


No credit check payday loans are not an FCA approved product in the UK



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