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UK citizens get a payday loan within the same day and for a short repayment period of time

Do you have any issues in saving money to have at your disposal till the next time you get paid from your permanent job position? Did you ever have a situation when unexpected bill crash over you to smash your stable financial situation? Or maybe, you have recently found yourself in constant inability to pay your rent in time? Do any of these situations sound to you familiar? Don’t worry, there is nothing bad in falling in such a financial trap? Many people actually do, but thankfully, they get out of it when relying on the Lucky Loans for short periods of time for both: funding and repayment. Such loans are amazing chances to get a financial backup and spend the time till your payment day comfortably and peacefully.

50 payday loan no credit check

If you are wondering what these short term loans we are talking about are, you need to know that they are types of payday loans, but quite more flexible. Thanks to them you can get up to 3000 GBP and repay them in a very short period of time. There is one significant difference between the regular payday loan and the short payday loan. See, the short payday loan can be repaid within 3 months, for instance, and by giving back 3 small payments in a row, instead of repaying the entire amount on the day you get paid from your work.

In other words, short payday loans are more flexible – especially when it comes to the repayment. Because after all, not everyone can repay the entire loan amount on the day of the job payment. What we offer here is for you to repay the loan amount within 3 months and with 3 separated repayment sums. Doesn’t it sound to you more customer-friendly?

The application for such a loan is both: quickly and easy. This is why thousands of British citizens take the benefits of this short term loans often and with no concerns. Here are the rest of the benefits you can take if using such a financial service:

  • Apply for less than five minutes
  • Get funded within less than fifteen minutes
  • Get approved immediately
  • Pay no fees for the service
  • Get funded with the requirement to repay within a period of up to three months
  • Fix 3 equal amounts of money to pay back within the period of up to three months
  • Take the benefits of the low interest rate or the APR
  • Get approved without any credit history check

The essence behind the payday loan

Nearly 300 GBP is the average amount of money short payday borrowers require. And the average period of time for a repayment is 3 months, which means they can get up to 3000 GBP. The minimum amount for funding with such a loan is 50 GBP. In other words, the payday loan is the smallest British loan you can get.

It is impossible to forget mentioning that payday loans are quite similar to short payday loans. With both of them customers get some extra cash to cover either their bills, or some unexpected expenses. British payday loan providers tend to offer loans between 50 and 3000 GBP and such loans have become significantly popular across the entire country. The reason for this is the fact that the application process is both: simple and fast, while the requirements and all of the conditions are flexible and convenient.

There are a lot of things you can use either your short term payday loan, or your regular payday loans. Of course, the top reasons are in most cases some emergency situations or urgent need of a repair, as well as the rental regular fees you needs to pay for. We don’t recommend you to get such a loan for larger investments or expenses – for instance to plan a luxurious holiday trip or to get a new car.

Statistics say that around 10 millions of people from UK get payday loans per year. The total amount of money that is borrowed for the same period of time is nearly 2 billion of GBP. Among all of the payday loans, the short payday loans seem to be the most preferred and used. They are too flexible and convenient to be passes by and they let you name the exact amount of money you can repay per single period from the entire repayment period. Time ago, when the short payday loans didn’t exist yet, people used to get larger loan amounts from the bank, as well as for larger periods for repayment.

But these bank personal loans don’t give you the chance to require a smaller amount of money, as well as to name a shorter period for the repayment. When it comes for the short payday loans, usually, the repayment period is 3 months and the repayments are three – divided into three fixed amounts. Such a scheme lets people find more alternatives for the repayment process. When you apply for a payday loan via internet, you will find no difficulties as this is a very simple process and you don’t have to provide lots of documents or data – for instance, your credit history, bank statements, some special references and etc. This is another reason why people prefer such a loan.

What is the amount of money people can require for a payday loan?

The amount varies from 50 to 3000 GBP. You will have to pay within 3 months by dividing the entire borrowed amount into three monthly fixed payments. These payments are usually similar in their amount. Now you can see how easily the repayment process can be – especially when every single month you will have small repayment bills to cover. Isn’t this quite affordable?

Can I instantly get a payday loan?

UK customers are provided with the fastest way to receive their funds after an application for a payday loan. This is why British payday loan providers are so reputable and trusted. The best news is that the approval comes immediately. And this isn’t an extra you get from your loan application in a bank office, is it? Also, when the approval is received, customers get their money within less than 15 minutes.

And in case you cannot wait even 15 minutes, try the immediate option, which is offered among the terms and conditions of the quick loans.

Users usually get their funds in the same day of their online applications. Sometimes, there is a delay, but it depends on your bank card provider as the funds are sent directly to this bank card. In case of a disapproval, which is a very rare case, the statement for such a decision will be immediately sent. Alongside with the statement a proposal for some other, more appropriate for your case services will be offered to you.

Who actually provides these payday loans?

Those people, who give you a payday loan, are usually working in a company that is an official loan provider. Every single has its own payday loan services, as well as its own terms and conditions. The interest rates are also different in the different payday loan providers. Usually, loan providers have individual credit score systems, as well. You need to fully agree with the terms and conditions of your payday loan lender before getting your funds from the application. In addition to this, every single customer is obliged to read the terms and conditions in order to get familiar with the important details such as the interest rate, for instance, before borrowing some money. Also, know that some lenders are direct payday loan lenders, but others – especially the online providers – are only official representatives of the lender company. Yet, there is no such a big difference which way you will choose – either to borrow money from a direct payday loan provider, or to reach a third party.

Can I borrow money via internet?

As a matter of fact this is the fastest way you can receive your money. When you make an online application you receive a guarantee for a fast decision as to your approval. In addition to this, once the approval is confirmed, you will be funded with the desired amount of money within less than 15 minutes. Moreover – with such a fast internet application you are happy to miss all that chaos in the bank, meeting bank employees, traveling and etc. Instead, you only need to spend around 5 minutes for the entire procedure. Yet, be aware that the questions you will be asked during the online applications require correct answers. Usually, these questions are regarding your regular income, your personal data details and etc.

If banks require your credit history for a loan approval, those payday loans providers don’t. They don’t even require any references or documents for you to send them. In addition to these, you get the chance to ask for a smaller amount of money a bank usually don’t allow, as well as a smaller period of time for the repayment. The interest rate is also lower when it comes to a payday loan.

There isn’t such a big difference between the short term payday loans and the payday loans. In both cases, you can get a small amount of money. Yet, the payday loans require from you to get the money back once your regular income is transferred to you, while the short term alternative lets you divide the entire sum into pieces and give them back in a longer period of time. In other words, the short term payday loan may seem more flexible to some of you. For example you are free to repay within 3 months by paying a small amount of money every single month till you repay at a full value.

What is the application procedure for a payday loan?

It is very simple to make an application. All of the actions are in internet and you will see how fast the entire procedure is. All you need to do is to select the desired amount for the loan, then to fill in the required gaps in the application form and wait for about 5 minutes for the lender’s decision. There is no need for the lender either to call you, or to ask bank statements from you. Guarantors or references aren’t needed, either.

And here is even greater news – the payday loan providers are in most cases available for you 24/7 and 365 days round the whole year for your applications and orders. After all, these payday loans are provided via internet and internet never sleeps, right?

What personal data is asked during the application process?

Here is everything you need to fill in when you apply for a payday loan:

  • Your full address
  • The amount of money you receive as a regular income
  • The average expenses you have per month
  • The status of your employment
  • All of your bank card details


Is it possible to receive a payday loan in case of a bad credit history?

Sometimes, such a situation might be hard for you to receive funds, but there are many cases, when it won’t be a handicap for your desire. There are many lenders who will never even check out your credit history during the decision making as to your application. These companies don’t even care for your credit score. Yet, there will be lenders who will have a glance at your credit history just to check out if you are able to give the money back. This is why the personal data for your regular income and expenses, as well as your address is needed.

Make sure to take a look at the rest of the financial alternatives you have got in case of disapproval due to a bad credit history. Many companies send to customers who have been rejected for a payday loan a statement with the other options they have. A lot of lenders, on the others, have specially tailored services for those who need money, but have a bad credit history.  Some flexible repayment plans, for instance, are part of these special conditions.

What does a payday loan provider usually guarantee to customers?

First of all, most companies guarantee a 100% free application. Also, when giving you the details specially for your application, these companies will mention the interest rate, as well as the total amount for repayment.

Companies with big reputation in the field are ready to offer different services to different people regarding their needs and credit history status. The goal, of course, is everyone to receive the needed financial backup.


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